Corazón Family Health | Today, with all the medical choices available,
the partnership you form with a family doctor is more important than ever before.
Your doctor should be someone you trust, respect and
feel comfortable with discussing all aspects of you and
your family’s healthcare. Corazón Family Health provides compassionate, state-of-the-art healthcare services, from routine check-ups, immunizations and common illnesses, to adult disorders, health advice and minor surgical procedures.
  We encourage and advise the lifelong benefits of preventive health habits and maintenance. People should know their own risk factors, and how to effectively use the many strategies available to avoid disease. Prevention is much less expensive
than medical intervention, and the results are lasting. Corazón Family Health serves as a NCQA recognized “Medical Home” for patients. Care is made easier and assisted through convenient access. Most medical needs, including preventive care direction, management of chronic diseases, acute minor illnesses and injuries, prescription refills, and orders for consultations with specialists and diagnostic laboratory and imaging studies are provided on site. Gender specific medical tests, issues and concerns are part of the wide spectrum of services offered.
  Corazón Family Health is fully credentialed and accepts all major insurances.  
  Corazón Family Health | 3600 Rodeo Lane, Suite A2 | Santa Fe, NM 87507